We kindly ask you to read our house rules carefully to ensure your stay will be pleasant and to prevent any misunderstandings. 

1. No parties or events allowed.

2. No smoking allowed indoors.  If smoking outdoors, you must use dispose cigarette butts in provided ashtray on back deck.  

3. No pets allowed.

4. No unregistered guests allowed. 

5. Please don’t eat or drink in the bedrooms. 

7. Please respect the noise curfew - no noise after 10pm and before 7am. 

8. Please turn off the AC when you go out.

9. Please respect check-in and check-out times. 

10. Please take extra care of your keys. Lost keys incur a replacement fee of $30.

11. Please take care of the furnishings. You have to pay for damages that exceed the security deposit. 

12. Please don’t rearrange the furniture.

13. Please do your dishes.

14. Please take the rubbish out before you leave. Bins are located next to the garage. 

15. No illegal substances allowed on the premises.

16. No flammable and explosive objects and materials with a strong or unpleasant smell into the house. It is forbidden to carry any electric appliances into the dwelling (refrigerators, hotplates and the like), except those for intimate hygiene (shaver, toothbrush, hair dryer). Please check with us if you are in doubt. 

17. Room accessories (pillows, blankets, towels) and the like are not allowed to be taken out of the house. 

18. The guest who causes deliberate or accidental damage t the house or property will have to make restitution for the full amount of the damage.

19. There are some lovely fruit trees on the property that we would like to enjoy as well as other guests. You are welcome to consume a small amount of produce - when available - for personal use during your stay (eg 1-2 pieces per person). Guest who choose to consume or remove an excessive amount, will be charged accordingly. 

20. You are obliged to leave the house as it was found upon arrival - clean, tidy and undamaged. 

If house rules are violated or disturb the peace, you will be unconditionally refused accomodation without refund, regardless of the shorter stay. 

Occupant 2__________________________________DOB:________________

Credit Card # held in lieu of BOND:
Expiry Date: _______ /_______ CVC:____

Name as shown on card:_________________________________________________
Card type [please circle): Visa and Master Card – 2% surcharge/ Amex – 3.3% surcharge.
By confirming your booking on line or signing this Policy Agreement, you and your guests agree to abide by the terms as stated in this agreement and authorise us to debit any above charges if required or where applicable Accommodation Deposit. Please note bond is not debited, however funds must be available on card as Security for the Owners.

Print Name of Primary Guest/cardholder__________________________________________________ 

Signature of Primary Guest occupant

_____________________________________________Date signed:____________________

Please note: Primary guest or Occupant 1 will be required to provide a Driver’s licence at the time of Check-In. 

Thank You.